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Why erotica? Why now?
Red Lips
This month I've decided to ask other erotica writers to come over for a visit. Today’s guest post is from 'Betty Midnight" and it’s a good one.

Why erotica? Why now?

I started writing stories in a small notebook. They were more like ideas rather than stories, but to me, it worked.

I dabbled in different genres, and to be honest, I never had the urge to submit them anywhere. Why? Because part of me wasn’t sure if they were good enough.

Then came the ereader.

And with that came opportunity. And not just for independent or small press authors. I’m talking genre. And yes, with genre, I mean erotica.

In the older days of steamy romance novels, we’d sit there with our books, for the world to see the cover. Now, it’s pretty simple… the ereader makes it discrete to read erotica. That’s a great thing because it gives all of us a chance to enjoy the genre. Of course, I mean those over the age of 18!

Within erotica, there are so many subgenres, so many plot lines to play with, it’s an endless array of possibilities. I know this because I’m in this. I’m in the mix of erotica right now. Finally chasing down a dream I’ve had for years.

I started with an in your face sex story. Katrina’s Kiss is about a woman who knows what she wants, and she gets it. The story behind this story though is the empowerment of the woman. She’s a take charge woman. She has a plan and in the middle of a bar full of men, she’s able to find that power to pick one, and enjoy herself. Come on now, we can’t forget that no matter what the story is, this is erotica. There’s plenty of sex.

For my latest release, WidowMan, I went a little different route. I’ve always been a fan of thriller stories. Killers, chillers, that sort of thing. So I wanted to mix that with some sex. I needed a back story. So I picked a man who was a serial killer. Now, again, I wanted a strong woman. I wrote in a woman who’s part of a special group of cops. Her job is to kill killers. She tracks down our serial killer and ends up in a motel with him. That’s okay though, because she’s supposed to kill him. But then she realizes something… the serial killer… he’s good looking. And now I expose her weakness. Her weakness as in sex. I can’t say much more, don’t want to ruin the story for you all… but let’s just say there are two killers who plan on having sex and killing. The question is… who strikes first?

The idea of erotica is fun. The sex is fun. The writing of the sex is fun. And the reading of it is fun. There are so many extremes, so many choices, it’s really a great genre. So, go, enjoy some sex… on your Kindle.



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