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Some Like it Rough! Yes, they do
Red Lips
I'm so excited, I'm in my first anthology: Some Like It Rough! An anthology of rough sex adn raunchy times! This is a free book from the "Erotica Collective" a little group of people with dirty minds, who got together and had some fun. We were each given about a week to write a new story and then compile it into an anthology. 

So if you want some free smut, click here to get it for for free. This link will take you to Smashwords... so no spam or anything. Once you are there just choose which format you want to read in (html, Kindle, ePub..etc..). Really, free smut and no catch. Just enjoy. 

Hanging out with the Erotica Collective has been a blast, and I hope I do more with them! 

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Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading.


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