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94 Books sold in one week!
Red Lips

So I just tallied up my sales and I've sold = 94 books for the first full week of Oct! I'm flabbergasted and I had to re-calculate to make sure it was real. My sales were mediocre before, thank goddess for the advice I got from some awesome writers.  If this keeps up, I could very well make 500 sales for the month! 

I never dreamed this would happen to me... after so many failures in life.  For the first time, in a long time I feel like a success. Ok I'm getting misty-eyed and might start crying. 

I know some people make more sales than I did in one day! But this is progress for me... I was lucky before to make 100+ sales for the month. I feel very motivated to write more..more..more. Thank goodness this is a three day weekend for me. 

To all the little guys and girls out there.. don't give up! Keep writing, keep getting better, don't waste too much time promoting. Writing is what sells. The more you write, the more you sell.. I'm living proof! 

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