victoriafoxxe (victoriafoxxe) wrote,
victoriafoxxe looks like I have series going now!!!!!

I was looking at my titles and lamenting how "all over the map" the subject matter is. Then it dawned on me, I had written for three distinct markets. Rather than agonize over it, why not just organize them using the titles? That's a big break-through for me...

So I updated my titles three series:

- Tranny Temptations (All my sissification/cross-dressing stories)
- Gay Erotica (my two m/m pesudocest stories)
- Erotic Fantasies (My heterosexual stuff with a hint of kink/unusual)

You can check out my Smashwords page to see how the titling works.

That's a big breakthrough for me..I went to B&N and Amazon to update today as well.

Also finished three pending Short Stories this weekend and published one! The other two need editing of course. And I'm super excited about the coming promotional anthology!!! Trying to get prepared for that to happen. 

*Yes, yours truly is going to be in a anthology with some heavy hitting erotica indies. I'm trying not to faint, but most of these guys/gals are mad talented. I'm feeling a little nervous! 

***Rough Riders**** is slated for an October 1st release I believe. 

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