victoriafoxxe (victoriafoxxe) wrote,

Oktoberfest: Bring on the Pr0n!

Well the witching season is upon us and I'm busily at work. I'm hoping to have my "Halloween Compilation" up and for sale this weekend. I also need to get my ass in gear and get 'Passionate Blood" off to my editor. I'm waffling a bit on the story and having a little bit of "impostor's syndrome" right now. 

But I've pledged to myself that I will push through it. 

In the fantasy world I've created for myself, I'm a young Anne Rice. Working away in the Bay Area at a dreary office job, while I write saucy stories at night. Hoping one day to sell enough to make my living writing! Yes, I know this is over-the-top but I was a DRAMA MAJOR. You never quite leave that behind! 

I am excited about a few things! 

1) BookStrand: I just learned about this web-site from my friends on the erotica forum. That place saved my sanity and boosted my confidence. My m/m erotic is selling like hotcakes over there. Last week, I uploaded a few stories to Bookstrand, and they took off.  The site is a bit 1990's looking, but they've been in the eBook game for awhile. Uploading there really put some wind beneath my sales.. 

2) 154 books sold in September. The month started off terribly, but then I got some advice from the Erotica Forum peeps. 38 of those sales from the 5-days of being published on BrookStrand

3) Getting on ARE (All Romance eBooks): I'm working on getting myself registered on ARE this weekend. Apparently m/m and supernatural have plenty of fans there! So whoooop! I can't wait to give them juicy stories to read! 

4) I was published in my first Anthology, which is moving up the Amazon ranks!!!! 

5) In general I'm feeling very artistically validated. For the first time I'm being rewarded for creativity and it's the best thing that's ever happened. 

That's all for now, I have lots of writing, formatting, end planning to do over the next 48 hours. Not to mention hum-drum stuff like laundry, dog-walking, housecleaning, and cooking. So ta-ta for now. 
Tags: bookstrand, erotica, publishing, short story writing, victoria foxxe, writing

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