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I made the top 100....

Recently Amazon launched a new program for independent authors, Kindle Select. It's an option that gives the author access to promotional and marketing tools, in exchange for 90 days of exclusivity rights. I.E. as long as your book is in the program you aren't allowed to sell it anywhere else. 

I was a little dubious about the whole deal, but decided to give it a go.  I placed one of my slower selling titles "Hansel and Gretel: The Erotic Version" in the program. After it was approved, I used the marketing tool to make the book free. Now, you may think this is nuts, why give Amazon exclusive rights and then make the book free? Aren't you losing money?

Here's the gist, making a book free has proven to be very good marketing for indies. One free book, can entice readers to give an unknown writers other works a chance. Also, the increased activity can help a books popularity rankings rise. Today, in my first day of being free.. Hansel and Gretel is in the Erotica top 100!  Not only that, it's doing very well overall in the Kindle store. 

Lookma Top 100 gif

I'm way over the moon about this!  Here's hoping that it leads traffic and buyers to some of my other writings. Even as we speak I'm putting the finishing touches on a few more stories that need it. Also, getting my compilation of "Dark Erotica" ready so people can buy all my stories in one volume! 

Ok no more blogging, I have a lot of work to do this weekend. Happy reading everyone! 
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