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Look Ma' I'm writing with no hands!

Typing has been really painful for me recently. So I broke down and bought myself a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11. If the software works out, it will save me hours of typing time. Also, it will save my fingers and joints repetitive stress injury!

My local Office Depot had the software on sale for a good price. So I decided to go ahead and buy it, the temptation was just too strong. Right now, I'm training the software to recognize my voice and work with me better. It's taking time of course, but it's a lot of fun.Collapse )

Red Lips

Follow Your Muse & F&*^*) Everyone else!

As a writer, I must obey my Muse. Even though she's unwieldy, unconventional, and a pain-in-the-ass.

Recently, I followed some suggestions to write something else other than "femdom" & "sissification".

Hey, the gay M/M erotica thing is trendy now. Lots of men and women are buying those stories. Write some of that.Collapse )
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Trying to stay riding high...

Wow I checked my sales this evening and I'm already at 40 total sales this month. Considering I barely made 50 sales for the whole of last month, this is good news!

To clear things up, it's not just about money, some of it is validation. My poor ego has been battered and bruised for years. So the prospect that over 100 people in the last few months, liked my writing enough to pay for it, is a HUGE EGO BOOST.

There I said it, I'm vain and egotistical!

I'm more excited about being creative than I've been in years. And there's nothing wrong with that now is it?

I'm really hoping to break a 100 sales total for this month. It's a huge goal, but one I think I can meet! I've got about four more stories near completion. So this weekend is going be my 'write-a-thon'. Mostly I'll be tweaking, editing, and polishing up what I have so it's fit for print!

If I break a 100 sales this month, I just might have to do something big to celebrate. Not sure what, maybe extra cheese on my Pizza!

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Free erotica from the Foxxe Den!

 It's official Amazon has banned AND UNCLE MAKES THREE!  I received the following message from them this morning: 

We’ve confirmed that your book(s) contains content that is in violation of our content guidelines and we will not be offering this title for sale in the Kindle Store. As stated in our guidelines, we reserve the right to determine what we consider to be appropriate, which includes cover images and content within the book.

We’re unable to elaborate further on specific details regarding our content guidelines.

But you know what? You can't keep a good gal down! I've decided to CELEBRATE the fact I was just too damned raunchy for AMAZON!

So AND UNCLE MAKES THREE is now FREE! Just go to My Smashwords Page to download your free copy! 

Note: AND UNCLE MAKES THREE contains scenes of wanton kink, watersports, anal sex, double penetration, etc... Not for the easily shocked or offended!
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The Book That Was Too Hot For Kindle

I write smut.

There I've admitted it, my short stories and novellas are trashy, lurid, and kinky! But I've never had a problem with Amazon until recently. This weekend I published Erotic Tales: And Uncle Makes Three. Which is the second installment of my "Kingsford Saga". The Kingsfords are a very randy family whose naughty adventures usually involve consenting cousins. Oh yeah and lots of M on M action!

Now I admit this Novella has no redeeming social value, its just raunchy. But I was shocked when Amazon not only sent me a message that they wouldn't publish it, they also blocked it so I can't make any edits.

Considering some of the stuff I've seen on Kindle (search "Stepdaughter" on Amazon, I dare you...) my story is tame. Of course I've petitioned it and I'm not really angry or upset. If anything I guess I should wear this as a badge of honor: My writing is too hot for Kindle! Hmmmm...maybe I should put that on the cover. "The Book that was to0 Hot For Kindle!" ;D
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Red Lips

I googled myself and got a big surprise!

 Forced To Sever Her: An Erotic Short by Jason Voorhees!
While checking through my books this morning, I got a quite a surprise. This weekend was spent tweaking my shorter works and cleaning them up. No matter how many typo's you think you've found, there’s always another.

Imagine my shock when I found this listed amongst my books:

Erotic Tales: Forced To Sever Her

Egads, it supposed to read "Forced To Serve Her." (You can see the still messed up title here)

After I had a good chuckle, I set about fixing the problem. Of course it's going to take Amazon 48hrs to approve my changes. Well, at least a few folks may have had a chuckle out of it!

Don’t Bother Me I’m Googling Myself
On a lighter note I unearthed an exciting tidbit while Googling myself.  Yes, I know it sounds naughty but trust me it's not that much fun! "My Sweet Succubus" has somehow made its way to the Succubus.Net Wiki ! Which is big news to me, the interwebz are amazing aren't they! 

While I was generally pleased, I was also a little horrified!  "My Sweet Succubus" was released as one my early experiments. I'd actually put it up, just to see what sort of feedback I'd get.  The cover's terrible and the text is in sore need of editing.

But there is always a 'sunny side'. As fate would have it, I'd just finished a complete re-edit of that e-book, complete with spanking new cover. (That's actually how I found Succubus Wiki mention, I was perusing through my SEO stats on Smashwords.)

So contacted Tera (the site owner)  via Twitter and much to my surprise she tweeted right back! Before I knew it we'd exchanged a few messages and I gave her a code for a free copy! She promised to upload the new cover art and give the story a re-read.

Even if the review isn't favorable, I was really touched by how nice Tera was with me. If nothing else, I've got a new Twitter friend! 

100% Free Erotica!
 Speaking of free, here is a code for free copy of "My Sweet Succubus": RT95U. This is the same code I tweeted out to Tera, it should be good until month's end. 

Also, Smashwords is having a huge summer sale. (Lot's of e-books for free or at amazing discounts!)

That's all for now folks. Lots of good stuff cooking in the creative kitchen, so stay tuned.

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Red Lips

First Month Sales, Not bad!

 So my first month in the indie book world wasn't bad. My sales figures for June 2011

Smashwords: 5
Barnes & Noble: 4 30

Total: 39

I'm pretty excited, this was my first month. Zero promotion and only  3 shorts and 1 Novella length work published. I also made a couple of sales in the U.K. and Germany!

The book that's really taking off is "Sissy for Sale". It's definitely my #1 bestseller.

And it looks like July is going to be even better, I've already sold 17 books! That could easily put me at 70 books by the end of the month.  (Just enough money for a large deluxe pizza and maybe a beer!)

This weekend is devoted to editing and publishing 2 more shorts.  Also, there's been a big shift with "Passionate Blood", but more about that in another post. 

All-in-all I'm pleased with my e-publishing experiment so far. The one thing I still need desperately is a very good editor..or at lease some oops detection. For the most part I'm plagued by typos instead of bad grammar and spelling.  :(. Hopefully, luck will send a good editorial person my way!